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Ti Energy Magnet Bracelet, 185 mm

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100PV / 80PV
Length 185 mm
TIENS Ti-Energy magnetic bracelet is made of titanium, which according to its hypoallergenic characteristics does not concede even to gold and silver. In titanium bracelet TIENS apply unique magnets that have biological compatibility with the human body, providing only a beneficial effect:
• support health;
• effectively reduce pain and aching joints;
• improve blood circulation;
• promote the vascular system health;
• strengthen the immune system;
• relieve fatigue;
• prevent the negative impact of adverse geomagnetic conditions.
The bracelet is able: to adjust and normalize irregular electrical currents in the body. As a result, the muscles relaxes and improve blood circulation there due to expansion of capillaries, increases the level of metabolism, relieve fatigue, tension and pain in the muscles, the body becomes more resistant to the sense of physical ailments.
Recommended for those who:
• constantly exposed to radiation emanating from computers, cell phones, WiFi, etc .
• low level of immunity, subject to frequent colds, fatigue, experiencing cold in the hands and feet;
• under stress at work or school, suffering from a severe nervous strain, as well as people with
  poor memory;
• middle-aged and seniors with poor health, or who is sick often;
• abusing alcohol, as well as people leading a sedentary lifestyle;
• suffers from insomnia;
• suffers from high blood pressure and high lipid and sugar levels in the blood.


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