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Infrared Blanket

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400PV / 320BV
Blanket for healthy sleep

Composition: 100% breathable antiseptic silk jacquard cotton with negatively charged ions and superb fiber «Lukens».
Description: elastic, breathable and durable. Quickly warms, long  keeps heat and thus stimulates blood circulation. Emits two types of energy: anion and infrared rays - activates the cells work and reduces fatigue. Antiseptic silk fabric prevent from irritation, eliminates bacteria and dust mites and promotes a healthy sleep. It improves metabolism and eliminates the symptoms of "cold" feet and hands. It cleans and nourishes the indoor air with oxygen, improving the respiratory system.
Indications: ideal for those who suffer from insomnia, snoring, with cold hands and feet feelings, with breathing problems, cardiovascular problems, problems with blood circulation in the vessels of the brain, athletes, fans of a healthy and active lifestyle.


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