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250PV / 200BV
Health Pillow
Composition:100% silk jacquard, pearl cotton, TIENS «Energy Star» and non-woven fabric, anti-bacterial silk, tourmaline, natural jade and amethyst.
Jade crystals contain free water crystals, which have a large heat capacity and rapid heat transfer by radiation. Therefore, jade can rapidly reduce the temperature of the body and normalize blood circulation, according to TCM theory.
In China, it is believed that amethyst can improve thinking, memory, promotes cell and brain activity, increases awareness and spirituality, improves the functioning of the brain cell channels and central nervous system, helps to prevent insomnia and improve sleeping quality. Antibacterial silk fabric  effectively restrains Staphylococcus, E. coli. Pearl cotton is very light, soft and with a good cushion effectively provides the support, and thereby reduces the pressure on the cervical vertebrae.
Description: pillow "Healthy Sleep" anatomically supports the neck vertebrae in order to ensure smooth breathing, allows the cervical vertebrae to take its natural position, improves memory, strengthens the immune system, relieves symptoms of baldness, improves memory, enhances blood circulation.
Indications: pain in the cervical spine, snoring, insomnia, problems caused by cardiovascular diseases, athletes and people leading an active and healthy life, helps to prevent Alzheimer and Dementia.


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