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Moscow_2011.12.03 Everything just starts!
V. Larin

        Open the secrets of healthy life.

        Do you know, that according to statistic from the World Health Organisation (WHO) only 5% of people are healthy, 80% of people are sub-healthy and 15% of people are deemed unhealthy. This mean that exist a state of sub health between a good health and illnesses. And this is the state most people in jail without even realising it. More, good health means a state of being illness free- a state of optimum body function and a healthy and positive frame of mind too.   
        Sub-health is an overall picture. For some it is nearly good health, while for other illness. And if unchecked, those exhibiting sub-healthy conditions are risk to becoming sick and suffering more chronicle complains. Even that the sub-healthy condition is more common in a 40+ age group it’s makes a real concern at every life stage- teenagers, adults and parents alike. Commonly, sub-healthy people exhibit 3 types of degenerative symptoms- reduced vitality, reduced responsiveness and reduced environment adoptability. As health deteriorates through the sub-healthy condition symptoms of reduced health become chronic- frequent sore throat, flu and a chronic fatigue syndrome being common symptoms. More, the sub-health condition exhibit “3 high and 1 low” symptoms:
1. high cholesterol;
2. high blood sugar;
3. high blood viscosity;
4. low immunity.
In fact 60% of healthy lifestyle lies in your hands through the diet, food supplements and health choices you make.
Fortunately, those who are sub-healthy can become healthier according to how well they take care of themselves. And this is our goal – to help to open the secrets of a healthy life: to You, to Your family and to Your friends.

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